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Set Nicecast for live broadcast

Nicecast is a mac software which gives you the ability to broadcast on the web. We are going to show you how to setup Nicecast with our streaming servers.

First you will need to download the software which is free for broadcasting till 60mins after that your stream will be overlayed with a noise. You can then purchase the full software to remove that noise.


You can select the free version for now or purchase the full version.

After downloading the software install the app to your Mac.

You can then launch it from the application window. You should then get this screen:

Now we need to enter the server details. For this in the menu bar click on Window -> Show server

Click on the " +" button on the right panel to add your streaming server then fill the details required. Also don't forget to select the server to broadcast with.

On the " Source" button you can select the software which will act as the media player and from which Nicecast will record the sound to broadcast.

 For example it can be Itunes or you can eventually check out our recommended radio automation software for mac on our software page HERE

In the " Quality" section you will be able to set your radio stream accordingly to your plan details.

Then you will be all set and ready to broadcast. Click on the " Start Broadcast" to connect to your streaming server.

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