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List my radio on Windows Media?

To submit to the WMG, you can send an email to [email protected] with the following information and following the following guidelines from the team: [quote name="Windows Media Guide Team"]Thank you for your interest in becoming a valued Windows Media Radio Guide partner. In order for us to consider your request, please submit the following for review:

• Your station’s business name:

• Your web site address: (must have a personal website)

• Your country or territory :

• Please confirm that your station complies with your applicable territories’ (country’s) laws: Yes

• Please confirm your station is 24x7: Yes

• What is your current user traffic to your station(s)? (insert average streaming hours from Producers Page)

• How many stations do you currently have and what genres?

• A direct streaming link to the station you are submitting: (your .m3u)

Please note: We only accept partners whose streams meet the following (technical) guidelines:

· No HTML view or embedded players. To remove HTMLView, do a search of your ASX file on “HTMLView” to find something like the following: Simply remove this line from your ASX file.

· No pop ups or prompts of any kind. If your stream is prompting, you may want to check your MIME type settings on your Web server, and on your Web browser. (To set the correct MIME type on the client computer, you may have to reinstall Windows Media Player or change your settings manually. To do so, please refer to your browser documentation.)

· WMG does not link to blogs, search aggregator sites, and community or any social networking sites.

It is your responsibility to make sure that your streaming links comply with our technical guidelines. We do not offer any technical support.

A decision regarding your submission will be returned to you within 7 business days.

Source: Windows Media Radio Guide Team

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